What are you waiting for?

"Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions." Bo Bennett

One of the most defining characteristics of a leader is also one of the most simple: Leaders get things done. While many are also great thinkers and the capacity to control impulse and embrace planning are often hallmarks of successful leaders, it is action that separates the ones who lead from the ones who could have led.

Get up and lead This bias for action is also a burden as it is necessary but not sufficient for success. Leaders need to have great ideas but in the end they also need initiative. They need the ability to assess the situation and take independent action, and to do so at times before others are convinced or ready. Leadership is motion, it is the action of going from the status quo to achieving a vision. It is removing roadblocks and making progress along the path. In short, if you are waiting, you aren’t leading.

If you’re starting this week stuck, and with a bias for INaction, take a moment and think about what you are trying to accomplish. Be inspired by your own vision. Be inspired by your team and the potential that is within them. Be inspired by the opportunity you have in front of you to make a difference. Get up and do something. Get up and lead.

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