Thought for the Week: When Change meets Desire

"Change comes about when followers themselves desire it and seek it. Hence, the role of the leader is to enlist the participation of others as leaders of the effort. That is the sum and essence, not only of leading change but also of good management in general." James O'Toole

Once followers see the bigger picture and realize that the status quo will change with or without Change has to belong to the followers them, they are positioned to determine the state they wish to create. Some employees will be more visionary than others and will have more influence than others. These are the drivers of the team.

It is important for leaders to understand these internal forces, how they operate and how things are truly accomplished. This is usually not done in the way that the leader assumes. Leaders must identify and empower their employees who catch the vision and have the influence to lead the change effort themselves.

They are the culture so only they can change the culture in a positive, impactful way. The leader who chooses to direct change alone is set up to fail. No matter how important or charismatic, leaders and leadership are all parts of the whole, not the whole in and of itself. The leader should be focused on identifying the followers who are motivated and then providing them with the tools and incentives to make change occur

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