Thought for the Week: What is a Leadership Decision?

"A decision is the action an executive must take when he or she has information so incomplete that the answer does not suggest itself." Arthur Redford

Do you truly make decisions or do you simply decree the obvious? When there are no options available, or the path to follow is crystal clear, it is leadership that makes the difference…the ability to take the available information, chose a path, and then move on.

It takes courage and confidence to declare the decision has been made when others are still pining Leaders are leaders because they are willing to decide when others are still standing still for more details and  information. But true leadership in decision-making means knowing when enough information has been gathered that a decision can and should be made. A decision implies uncertainty. If everything is 100% covered, it's not a decision…it's simply the order to move forward.

The wisdom of a true leader allows for experience and learning in so many contexts that he or she is able to make decisions prior to when each team member would have naturally come to a conclusion. In a setting where the majority always rules, it creates a particular challenge for that leader who is unwilling to step out and make a decision before everybody has come to full and comfortable agreement. It's the job of the leader to take risks and at times this means making a decision that might work rather than one that is a foregone conclusion.

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