Thought for the Week: The Value of Enthusiasm

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heart as well as head and hands. This is the challenge of truly engaging a team into the possibility of achieving more than they think possible. Clear processes incur a level of effectiveness. Continuous improvement provides identification of actions where greater efficiency can be achieved. And both of these factors can create "good" results.

Success can not happen with enthusiasm alone, but it rarely happens without it The question is whether you want good results or great results. Greatness doesn't come from the excellence of process. It comes from the willingness of the team to do what is necessary, to stay focused and to deliver. This is not a work-flow; it is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is not "perkiness." It is a dedication and energy around what needs to be done. It is desire, not just achievement. Enthusiasm means you do what you do with vigor.

As leaders we have to help our followers find the vision and outcome that creates their own enthusiasm. By tapping into the enthusiasm of the team, we tap into the criteria of greatness.

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