Thought for the Week: The Unacknowledged Impact of Leaders

“To others, we are not ourselves, but a performer in their lives cast for a part we do not even know we are playing.” Princess Elizabeth Bibesco

Who do you think your employees talk about when they go home at night? It’s easy to think that they are talking about the insane policies of your CEO, or of the demands that your boss continuously puts on you. But the fact is, they aren’t talking about any of those people…they are talking about you.

Domino This is not to say that you should adapt your leadership style or business policies to ensure that people are speaking about you in glowing terms all of the time. This is neither likely nor beneficial. At the same time, it is important to remember that leaders impact others. It’s part of the definition. If you ignore this fact it means that you are in some ways ignoring your role in the lives of your followers. Strong leaders don’t have this luxury. You are by definition a player in the lives of others.

What does this mean for your behavior? Only you can answer that. It should mean that the consequences of your decisions are considered, at least in part, for the impact these decisions have on those who follow you.

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