Thought for the Week: The Fine Line of Destruction and Creation

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction" Pablo Picasso

One of the greatest challenges to accepting and embracing change is the recognition and action of questioning the status quo. The real difficulty of course is that the status quo must be destroyed in some sense in order to provide a new environment.

This destruction is not optional. The only way to create a truly energized or focused organization is Leaders have to be willing to break some things in order to build some others to use internal strengths to address the barriers of change. Creating something new is often seen as a threat because, in reality, it is. By definition, change is a threat to those things already in existence.

One of the least effective strategies for change is to imply that not much is happening. We do this in an effort to comfort people…to make them not afraid. Confronting reality is about understanding what is being destroyed and what is being created. Respecting your followers, and establishing trust, can only be exhibited through honest and open communication about the sacrifices of establishing the new order of things.

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