Thought for the Week: The Courage to Lead

"It is easy to be brave from a distance." — Aesop (Ancient Greek Fabulist and author of Greek fables and humor, 620-560 BC)

It would sometimes seem that everybody knows what should be done by you (and every other leader). Everyone who is not directly involved in a particular issues seems to have an opinion and spend lots of time wondering, "Why don't they…," or "They should…"

As a leader, this is something about human nature that you will have to accept…to a point. Coach Bobby Bowden once said that, if he made his decisions based on what fans told him he should do, he would hope that he would be fired from football. The same with any leader…because there are others holding different opinions does not mean that these opinions are more valid than your own.

Leaders have to be open to considering all perspectives.  Pointing  The strongest leaders look for as many options as possible, even amongst their detractors. Leaders also have to remember that it is much easier to have a point of view than it is to either commit to an action or live with its consequences. Ultimately, the leader has to decide, not just from the various viewpoints of his or her constituents but from what he or she believes is the right decision. Listen to everything, consider what is relevant, and then make your decision and move on. Those who are waiting will be happy for it and those that are watching will move on to second guess somebody else anyway.

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