Thought for the Week: Success versus Value

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather a person of value." — Albert Einstein

When one is seen as being a success, the reference point is usually the achievement of something observable…a life goal, business result, a prominent career, etc. Most often, success is defined as existing within some specific arena or context.

If noted as a "person of value," there is less if any specific context. In fact,  Values  the reference itself is often inspired by the integrity of the individual in multiple contexts. Your values in your work are your values in your personal life. They are not topic-specific if they are truly values.

A leader of value measures success by his or her ability to consequently do their best within their definition of priority. A person of success may be valued. But a focus on success outcomes relies on an external benchmark…a measure against arbitrary criteria.

Having made the distinction between the two, it is also important to understand that "success" and "values" are not polar opposites. They can exist simultaneously in the one who is successful as a result of their commitment to principle. Success becomes the outcome of values rather than its own singular objective.

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