Thought for the Week: Stop Fighting and Lead!

We don't see things as they are; we see them as WE are.  Anias Nin

Let me first apologize as I really do try to make the "Thought for the Week" post at least a little uplifting. But this time I'm a bit ticked and the joy of having a blog is, when you are ticked, you can tell EVERYBODY! You should start a blog and try it…it's great!

This is the best we can do?I'm having a difficult time this week seeing the politicians on either side of the aisle in the "Super Committee" as leaders. I can imagine them in their secret room with Jeb pulling Patty's hair while the others throw coasters at each other. Combatants, yes…leaders, no. As the November 23rd deadline looms, it seems that they have made no more progress than when they started.

True leaders consider not only their own interests, but the interest of their followers, or in this case, their constituents. To take a personal position that stands to only have negative consequences for everybody makes no sense to me. Yet that's what our politicians continue to do. They act as if this is somehow in our best interest, but I don't get it. Perhaps the deadline on the 23rd will reveal a surprising show of collaboration. Perhaps I'll lose another twenty pounds by then as well.

Somehow the political lexicon has defined collaboration as compromise and compromise as giving in. That leaves us only with winning and losing. You don't need leaders to play that game—you need bullies. We have plenty of those but we're missing the politician from any party that not only has a vision and view of the bigger picture but also has the influence and power to create solutions.

Yes, I know it's easy to throw stones and while I sit here and write, I have no idea of the actual conversation that is going on inside the secret meetings. Perhaps the 23rd will prove me wrong. If not, we can at least acknowledge that they are consistent.


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