Thought for the Week: Stick With It

When there's no wind, row–Polish Proverb

When we start at something new, we often have a period of development where the wind seems to be at our back and we make what appears to be great progress in a short period of time. Whether it is an exciting new project, pursuit of a specific degree/certification, or a personal goal like exercise and weight loss, that first few weeks or months can be exhilarating as the initial positive progress becomes visible.

Then things begin to get difficult.

If change and personal development were easy, they wouldn't really constitute transformation. And transformation, by definition, is hard. We get past the low hanging fruit—the easy changes—and then discover that not only do we need a ladder to get to the next bounty, we may also need others to help us get there. Ego meets reality and we often allow ourselves to protect our self-image by finding excuses for our lack of progress rather than acceptinWhen you lose momentum, you have to start rowingg that change is difficult.

Because change is hard doesn't mean it's impossible—it just means it's hard. 

So, when the wind stops blowing, pick up the oars and row. Nobody is going to hand them to you by the way; you have to pick them up yourself. And those who can help you fight the current may not volunteer until you ask. If you're willing to admit that you can't do everything on your own, you may find many who are not only willing, but eager to row along with you. But first you have to invite them on the boat by acknowledging and owning your need for help.

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