Thought for the Week: Problems Promote Development

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship."–Louisa May Alcott

As leaders looking at the development of our teams, we are sometimes hesitant to empower them because of a sincere concern they may fail. We see them as our charges and we feel we are protecting them from negative feedback or challenging consequences when we step in and take over during a problematic period.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to develop somebody in your leadership role without allowing themStorm  to work through the storms that come their way. You learned to become a leader perhaps as a combination of training and experience, but for sure you also learned from a combination of successes and failures. As long as you are learning in the process, the positive or negative nature of the experience can be almost irrelevant.

We also need to take confidence in the storms we have already weathered. Whether the conclusion wsa what you would have chosen or not, the point is that you are still here and you grew from it. Remind your followers that they have also been in storms before and help them realize what they have learned and mastered in preparation of the storms ahead. Encouragement and trust from you can be the most valuable method of assistance you offer.

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