Thought for the Week: Live on Purpose Today

Live on purpose—yours, not somebody else’s  Todd Thomas

I’ve noticed, brilliant fellow that I am, that whether I do things because I want too, do things because I have too, or just do things randomly, the day still has 24 hours, the week has seven days and the year, 52 weeks. In too many cases, I look back at the end of the week (or month, or year) and realize how little influence I chose to exert on how those hours, days, and weeks played out. Maybe they were great or maybe they sucked. Either way, it’s often like a lottery…we buy a ticket at the beginning of the week and hope we win at some point before the next week begins. Live on purpose

Of course, it’s easier to just let things happen than it is to exercise the influence we actually have to do things on purpose. Not only does purpose require commitment, it requires commitment TO something. We have to decide what our purpose is going to be before we are able to live in a way that reflects our efforts toward that purpose.

So determine what your purpose is for this week, or maybe even for today. If we have an answer to the purpose-question on a more grand scale, we can put the pieces together over time to create grand results. But even if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, you can decide what you want to be for now.

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