Thought for the Week: Don’t Jump Ship

"No one would have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm." Charles Kettering

There are predictable times when leadership and change become difficult. It is after the vision and the commitment to action but before successful implementation. The energy of optimism can drive many initiatives early on. Storms come along on any long journey. They are inevitable. The same is true of any real change effort. It will meet resistance and it will get hard. Without total leadership commitment, many will attempt to get off the boat during the storm.

When times are challenging, leaders inspire their crews to stay with it We should be open with every crew member when we start the journey. The storms are not a surprise…they are known not just by leaders but by those who are part of the trip. Letting people know that the ship will be committed to the journey, and that the captain is going nowhere, is not only fair but it is the only way to have the trust and engagement of the people in the organization. Storm clouds are a natural part of the process and to try to convince the crew that all will be smooth sailing is not only counterproductive, but misleading. 

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