Thought for the Week: Character before Strategy

"Leadership consists of character and strategy. If you can't have both, opt for character." Norman Schwarzkopf

When we look at a potential manager who seems to understand the bigger picture, we often talk about their "strategic view." Most of us have discovered that the most strategic of managers, however, is not always the most effective of leaders.

While one could argue strategy as a necessary component of leadership and management, it is Since it is people who make strategy a reality, it is the character of people that will determine its overall success clearly not a sufficient component on its own. In fact, as a leader, you need to have a greater vision, but the implementation and understanding of the strategy could be in the skills of others who can make it happen. The key questions are"Strategy for what?" "Strategy based on what?" This is where the leader comes in. Character and vision are internal to the leader where strategy is external. Without a clear idea of where we're going, a strategy to get there makes no sense.

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