Thought for the Week: Careful with those weaknesses

"We must touch his weakness with a delicate hand. There are some faults so nearly allied to excellence that we can scarce weed out the fault without eradicating the virtue." Oliver Goldsmith

We often approach weakness and strength as if they are opposite concepts. We believe that, if we can simply eliminate the weaknesses we have, we will have the time and energy to work on our strengths 

Blaance For most of us, if you think about it, our greatest weaknesses are in some way aligned with our greatest strengths. Take for example the leader who is renowned for ensuring that all details of a complicated plan are covered and accommodated. This strength has guided many to greatness as their assessment and sensitivity to detail has made sure that all relevant bases have been covered. This same person commonly also has a weakness regarding taking risks, being creative, or engaging and empowering others.

What appears to be a strength in this case simply overpowers other important areas of
competency. It is not necessarily that the person needs to be enrolled in a creativity course…it may be that they simply need to learn how to use their attention to detail in a way that inspires their creativity and that of their followers. If we only tell this person that they need to lighten up, take more chances and so on, without properly understanding the balance of their talents, we may well coach them right out of their strengths.

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