Thought for the Week: Avoiding Complacency

"To dispose a soul to action, we must upset it's equilibrium." Eric Hoffer (Author and American Medal of Freedom recipient.)  Eric-hoffer

For many years, it has been argued that there are only two ways to engage people in change. One approach is that the pain of staying the same must be greater than the discomfort of changing. The other is that the reward of change must be greater than the reward of staying the same.

Either way, it is inertia that is the foe and momentum that makes the difference. Whether good or bad, large or small, before you can achieve change you must begin change. There needs to be some observable action different than the status quo in order to make change a reality. Until then, it is only talk and talk does not challenge our equilibrium. In fact, too much talk gives us the opportunity to construct resistant barriers to changes that have not even happened. And talking sometimes gives us the impression that we are changing when, in fact, nothing is different.

To start this momentum, find one thing…even if it seems insignificant…and change it with great visibility and fanfare. Make people aware that things can change and they will either start to worry about it or start to get excited. Both emotions are precursors to change. The question then is, "What do we do next?" Each action, followed by another action, will create the momentum needed to break the friction of the status quo.

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