Thought for the Week: An All-Purpose New Year’s Resolution

Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation. Mark Twain

If you find it difficult to commit to a New Year's Resolution, no worries. I was inspired to construct the one below after reading some business press on New Year's Day. Please feel free to adopt this as your credo for 2012. And if it looks like something you might have created on your own, or worse, if it looks like your corporate vision statement, call me…we have some work to do.  Happy New Year!

ConfusedI resolve to move into the success space for 2012 as I etch in stone and go live on these mission critical objectives. I will benchmark new synergies at a 30,000 feet view and avoid kicking the can down the road. I will establish a win-win mindset of best practices for sustainability and run the numbers on the burn rate of renewable resources. Having said that, I will continue to be top of game as I mind shower and partner with aligned human capital.  The upside of this new paradigm will be soup-to-nuts as I create a best-of-breed product that will virtualize shareholder value. I will lead the charge to drill down and ramp up our granular, out of the box core competencies in a cutting-edge scenario that will take the blowback out of the ballpark.  As a team player, I will circle the wagons with a dashboard that includes a dynamic, customer focused and heads up back end process.  By the end of the year, the elephant in the room will be herding cats, those around me will drink the Koolaid, and  the critical path to my target audience will be a roadmap of optimization. This tailwind will allow me to raise the bar in an ecosystem of pushback and will be the secret sauce of my real-time  solutions as I occupy the field in 2012.


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