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I fully recognize that finding the right speaker for your event can be a daunting task. If you are the person choosing the speaker, the decision can be a risky one. The speaker gets to leave at the end of the event. You, on the other hand, will be around these people for a long time and will have to live with whatever impression the speaker leaves behind about your judgment. While I greatly enjoy the academic side of my life, allowing me to teach, research and study leadership conceptually, what I truly love is the application of these ideas in real life. Unlike the majority of people, I love public speaking. It’s a great way to share a message of impact while at the same time meet very cool people and work in a diverse range of industries and situations. Whether it’s an audience of 30 or 3000, there’s nothing like the experience of sharing ideas and observations with a group of folks who have taken the time to sit and listen. I am hoping that this page will give you the information you need to know to decide whether I am the right fit for your upcoming event. I have included a demo tape, more information about me and my speaking, as well as some of the more popular presentations that I give frequently.

Demo Video

Every speaker with any experience at all has a demo tape, so let me share mine. It is a combination of various events which include a couple of my workshops as well as presentations, but should give you a general idea of my approach and personality:


Part of the process of determining the fit between speaker and event of course is the determination of the specific topic. Every speech or workshop that I give is customized to fit the audience and purpose of the event. I am also more than happy to create a specific presentation or seminar for your group as it relates to communication, human behavior and/or leadership. Below are some of the topics that have been trending for me in the last year:

Leveraging Multiple Generations

Lately one of my most popular presentations, this topic goes beyond the standard “Differences” between generations and looks at ideas and methods for taking advantage of the diversity of age and experience in today’s organization. Interspersed with humorous and powerful video, this presentation is also available as a three-four hour workshop focused on the specific elements of generational diversity in your organization

Creating Powerful Meetings with Impact

Based on my book “High Impact Meetings: A Guide to Greater Productivity” this presentation takes a humorous but familiar look at the bane of most of our existences…meetings that deliver consistently less than desired. This is a tip-based presentation with easy to adopt ideas and methods to immediately impact the power of meetings in your group. It is an interactive presentation as well which allows audience members to make connections between the tips and their day-to-day experiences.

Leadership and Personality

Using an in-process assessment tool, participants have the opportunity to identify their leadership style and then compare their strengths and weaknesses to their current leadership challenges. This is a very fun, very interactive presentation which can be done in an hour but is also well suited for a three-four hour workshop. The focus of this presentation is on effective and adaptable leadership behavior.

Giving and Receiving Powerful Feedback

This presentation and workshop also focuses on the specific feedback and communication styles of the participants. In the longer workshop version, participants have the opportunity to identify actual people in their feedback circle and practice the process defined in the presentation. This can be a truly powerful experience for those who dread giving or receiving feedback as it provides strategies for coping with both.

What Are You Settling For?

This is a motivational speech focused on the fact that we each have our own unique set of success factors yet tend to operate as if we have to settle for the condition that we are in. This energetic, humorous and engaging speech challenges your participants to stop being victims of their own mindset and to take an active role in their own outcomes. Offered only as a speech, this is a good energizer to a meeting that is asking participants to do more with the resources available.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Transitioning into Leadership

  • Working with Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Styles in the Workplace

  • Making Conflict a Productive Conversation

  • Keeping the Family in Business

  • Building Effective Teams

  • The Power of Trust

  • Topics Created or Customized for Your Specific Event

My Upcoming Engagements

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