Pay Attention

Value your relationships

I’ve argued for awhile that there’s no such thing as work/life balance…there’s only life balance. In trying to separate the two, we act as if our work life somehow effects us only within the context of the business or organization for whom we toil. This disconnected view can also lead us into a routine where our family and friends are considered the humans in our lives while those around us at work are considered…well….often not considered at all.

Take a minute today and think about each of your employees and co-workers. How much do you now about them? Have you adopted the view that there is no place for personal relationships in the workplace? If so, isn’t that a shame?

By the way, don’t read this short post as righteous moralizing. Events this past week have reinforced for me that I commit the same error, and do so with amazing frequency. We get caught up in what we believe to be priorities until we lose sight of what’s really important. Yes, the three hour meeting on strategy is crucial…but so is the fifteen minute break talking about kids and hobbies and past-times.

At least consider taking a few minutes today and during the days of coming weeks to become a little more aware of the people that have been put in your path. Consider the gift of their relationship and see if there isn’t something unique that they add to your own life experience. If not, look a little harder. The time we spend together is the time we have…we don’t get to respend it somewhere else. Maybe we should try a little harder at making it significant.


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