Leadership both Conscious and Authentic

I was just pondering an article I read some time ago, published in the Journal of Leadership Studies. This was an empirical study of a concept called Conscious-Authentic Leadership. While the study is quite interesting, my point today is to reflect on a set of criteria that the author, Dr. Robert Hofman, Jr., tested, which was: Self Awareness, Reality, Self-Identification, Values, Intuition, Critical Consciousness, Emotion, and Managing to Specific Organizational Outcomes.

Business Plan  We’ll have to look at this in more detail later, but what struck me is the development in the last years of a demand that leaders focus on Managing to Specific Organizational Outcomes at the expense of all of the other areas of expectation. This is evidenced in the continuing revelations of leaders who have been deemed quite successful only to be found manipulating “reality” to get to the outcome desired. This list is quite global and doesn’t seem to be diminishing either, with such charges by the SEC against Joseph Forte, the admission by Ramalinga Raju of Satyam of financial misdeeds and the case of David Ross from the U.K. using current investments to pay for past losses.


It is time for us to not only demand integrity from our leaders, but to take responsibility for our part in this system. Truly believing that greater and more consistent returns come from businesses led in integrity means we have to chose those we follow for something more than the annual return on investment. Or from the sheer charisma of the person. Resume’s are important, but they are not the most important. Integrity may be the key to recovering from our current crises.

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