It’s Time for our Leaders to Lead

The electorate has spoken and since today most conversations will be about yesterday’s elections, I’m going to go there too if only briefly.

I’m a “fiscal conservative” if you would and I’m not a fan of big government.  There are certain liberal perspectives that make no sense to me and others that I simply think belong in the hands of the people rather than the politicians. I voted for Romney/Ryan because, in the balance, I felt the direction they espoused was a more responsible one to government than those of Obama/Biden.

BUT, yesterday the American people chose Obama for another four years. And I’m with Romney on this as well…let’s pray that he’s a successful President in his second term.

Notice that I didn’t say I’m a Republican, because there’s little about that party to be proud of either. The Republican’s screwed this one up and didn’t get it until it was too late. The policy of obstruction announced by Boehner four years ago, and the practice of opposing anything that might be seen as supporting the Obama administration did nothing to break the status quo even when the status quo is painful for millions of Americans.

Partisanship is for elections and there it serves a purpose. It delineates the field and simplifies issues. But governance is a collaborative effort. It requires compromise and a commitment to the bigger picture. True leadership requires working together for common outcomes. That shouldn’t be seen as a sell-out…that’s the act of getting things done.

Perhaps the game changes this time because this will be President Obama’s final term. Neither he nor the Republicans have the same need for dogmatism. It seems that both sides of the aisle made the first four years of Obama’s administration all about whether there would be a second four years. Well, now there is. Perhaps the next four years can be about the American people.

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