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While I have spent my career as a corporate trainer, speaker and coach, I have to admit something:

High Impact Meetings

Not every problem requires training.

There. I said it. Sometimes, we don’t need deep understanding of concepts and principles…we just need some ideas about how to do something better.

High Impact Meetings

Sometimes you just need ideas

This is the foundation to my new book series of management tools and techniques. Starting with Meeting Management, about every six months I hope to produce another 45-60 page book with concrete tips and ideas for improving effectiveness and productivity without breaking the bank on workshops and seminars.

This first book, “High Impact Meetings: A Guide for Greater Productivity” combines my years of experience and coaching with some of the best practices in making meetings work. There are 46 strategies included that can start with your very next meeting. The ideas start with what to do before the meeting, how to handle the meeting in progress, and perhaps most importantly, what to do after the meeting is over. Ten bucks, thirty minutes, I promise you’ll get a return on your investment.

One caveat: Sometimes ineffective meetings are the result of deeper issues. If there is a lack of trust among participants, or if the meeting is actually a proxy for the political issues within the organization, or there are specific people who hijack the meeting for their personal agendas, then coaching or consulting on the issue might be worthwhile. In my experience, 80% of the time, this is less of a problem than simply a lack of tools and strategies for improving the meeting experience.

The Kindle version of High Impact Meetings can be found on Amazon, while the entire range of other electronic options can be found at Smashwords. The print version has limited availability at the moment, but will be available on Amazon very soon. In the meantime, if you check it out and think you would like a print copy soon…or would like multiple copies (with a discount)…send me a note or leave a voicemail from my website and I’ll take care of it.


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